Khoisan still waiting for President at Union Buildings as yearlong protest continues

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Khoisan activist Chief Khoisan SA says he will continue to camp at the Union Buildings, in Pretoria, until he meets with President Cyril Ramaphosa.

Chief Khoisan SA and a small group of Khoisan community members have been camping in tents outside the official seat of government since November 2018.

They say they will not move until Ramaphosa engages them on their demands, which include among others, the recognition of the Khoisan people as the first nation in South Africa.

Chief Khoisan SA says although it’s painful that the yearlong protest has not yielded positive results, they will remain resilient.

“We have got four demands, recognition as the first nation of South Africa; the second one is the language – to be the official language of South Africa; third one is to also be part of the land. Land that has been expropriated, we also want land back and the fourth one is the removing of the coloured term from the document z83 form.”

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