The Khoisan Revolution Party (KRS) has withdrawn from the coalition agreement it has with the African National Congress (ANC) at the Nama Khoi Municipality in Springbok.

Some of the reasons that the party is citing are infighting within the ANC, power struggles and being side-lined from municipal affairs or appointments.

The Namakhoi Municipality council has 17 seats, comprising 8 seats for the ANC, 7 for the Democratic Alliance (DA) and one for Cope and the KRS respectively.

The Khoisan Revolutionary Party became a kingmaker in the Namaqualand following the last local government elections seeing the ANC retaining council.

Now the Namakhoi Municipality is once again embroiled in a fall-out.

Khoisan Revolution Party Stantley Peterse says: “Not one single person of the Khoisan Revolution Party is being deployed at an EPWP project or elsewhere. So it cannot be that we are kingmakers and we have no say in anything. The ANC is run by the regional task team, and they’re doing just what they’re doing there.”

“In the municipality itself you’ve got a hostile situation, where the municipal manager doesn’t take orders from anybody. so, for us as Khoisan Revolution, we’ve got our own struggles, we suspended our councillor a year ago, and things just go on in the municipality as if we as the Khoisan Revolution doesn’t exists.”

The ANC in the province was not available for comment.

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