The Khoisan Revolution Party has put together a list of its priorities should it win the 8 May poll. The death penalty, corporal punishment in schools as well as conscription to the army, are among the first things they will implement once in power.

Party president Stanley Petersen unveiled its manifesto in Upington on Saturday.

The Khoisan Revolution Party is 3 years old and will contest the elections in two provinces – the Western and Northern Cape.

The party promises to grant Khoisan people first nation status, recognise all indigenous languages and include them in school curriculum. They also want mining companies to share their gains with communities where they operate.

Petersen says that they want 50% – 51% of the shares in mines that are in the Khoisan land.

The Khoisan Revolution Party is Kingmaker at the Nama Khoi municipality where it holds one seat. The party is yet to announce who it will support nationally.

Petersen says they are in coalition with ANC, but in the future, they will support brown parties.

The party leader says they will increase job opportunities through the Extended Public Works Programme and will give preference to the youth and women.