Khensani Maseko to be buried on Women’s Day

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Rhodes University law student Khensani Maseko’s funeral will take place in Johannesburg on Thursday, August the 9th which is Women’s Day.

Maseko reportedly committed suicide over the weekend after accusing her boyfriend of raping her in May this year.

The university’s Vice-Chancellor Sizwe Mabizela has stressed the importance of educating young men to respect women and their rights.

Mabizela was speaking at a gathering to pay tribute to Maseko at the university in Makhanda in the Eastern Cape on Monday.

“Learn to respect and love women. What is painful is that the person who did this to her is not some stranger who came from nowhere, it was someone who she knew and that is something our society needs to be aware of, that the big bad wolf is someone that proclaims to love you, someone that you should trust, someone you can be vulnerable with and then takes advantage and abuses you. It is something that our society needs to come to grips with in raising young men to be responsible adults,” said Mabizela.