Khanyile and Masutha agree ‘in principle’ to end protest

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Convicted FeesMustFall activist, Bonginkosi Khanyile, says he and Justice Minister Michael Masutha have agreed in principle that his protest must end.

Khanyile has been sleeping outside the Union Buildings in Pretoria since last Tuesday.

Masutha is yet to confirm his highly-anticipated meeting with Khanyile on Monday. Khanyile says he’s also hopeful that President Cyril Ramaphosa will pardon all #FeesMustFall activists who have contravened the law.

“We are moving because we have the support of everyone. Besides us having the conviction that is deep-seated … because we feel we are having a deep conviction on this issue that is a genuine issue to fight for. But beyond that, we have been receiving calls of many people who are soon to pledge solidarity; who are soon also to do their forms of protest in support of what we are doing here. So, I think it is good for him and good for the country that our demands are met and all of us can live at peace and at ease with each other,” he said.

Khanyile who is still outside the Union Buildings in Pretoria says he hopes his Sunday night’s sleepover will be his last.

Khanyile has thanked the residents of Tshwane for their support after receiving a tent, blankets and a mobile toilet.

“As you can see now, we have a tent because on Friday the rain dealt with us very harshly and now, we have the tent. It is much safer and much more conducive and we have new blankets that are added and new sponges. So, it is comfortable a little bit. So, there are those developments. But equally, we do have new development of the Minister because today, we are just wrapping up and engaging on what should be the way forward. So, tomorrow I think we will be able to tell the country and the world on the way forward in relation to all the #FeesMustFall activists,” added Khanyile.