Khama confident Ramaphosa will solve Eskom power crisis

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Botswana’s former President Ian Khama says he’s doesn’t doubt President Cyril Ramaphosa’s commitment to solving the country’s power crisis.

Eskom also supplies electricity to South Africa’s neighbours.

The cash-strapped power utility has resorted to load shedding as it battles to meet demand for electricity.

On Monday, Eskom implemented Stage 6 load shedding for the first time ever since it resorted to such extreme power cuts.

Khama says he’s certain that Ramaphosa is committed to resolving the issues around Eskom.

“If I was a President still, I would decline to answer because it would seem as if I’m interfering in your affairs. But you know I have every confidence that Ramaphosa is determine to solve the problem that South African is facing with power generation and electricity.  We follow very closely what’s happening in this regard,” explains Khama.

Khama suggests that a diversified energy mix would help to alleviate pressure on Eskom’s coal-powered stations and at the same time reduce emissions.

“I’m not saying RSA should follow that direction and that is to split your options for generation. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket like with coal. Apart from the issue of emissions which is a very topical issue these days, we hear constantly today about how harmful emissions are affecting the climate. But even from a strategic point of view, from a strategic point of view, you shouldn’t do that. So diversify and have a range of options for generation renewable energy through solar,” adds the Botswana’s former President.