Former Thaba Chweu Municipal Manager Patrick Kgoale says his dismissal is the result of backlash after he refused to take instructions from the African National Congress (ANC) Bohlabela Regional leadership in Mashishing, Mpumalanga.

Kgoale says he was dismissed for misconduct and corruption for appointing a company that installed civilian cameras at the municipal buildings and failure to pay the Eskom debt.

Kgoale was found guilty by an internal disciplinary hearing. He says there’s serious political interference.

“Even the people (who) were presiding the matter, we actually long told (them) ‘no, get rid of this man. (He) is problematic.’ But on those allegations making (sic) it is not correct. The only problem which I’m dying for (is) this backlash of the forensic investigation that I had conducted to establish exactly what happened with R342 million that I inherited; those irregularities, in that unfortunately I’m dealing with very powerful political influence,” says Kgoale.