The Mahikeng High Court in the North West has heard how 15-year-old Matlhomola Mosweu was thrown from a moving vehicle by two men in Coligny last year.  A key witness, Bonakele Pakisi, was testifying during the trial of Pieter Doorewaard and Philip Schutte, who are accused of killing Mosweu.

They claim they caught him stealing a sunflower.

Eyewitness, Bonakele Pakisi told the court that besides seeing Mosweu being assaulted, he also was tortured by Pieter Doorenward and Phillip Schutte. He said they intimidated him not to reveal the incident. Pakisi said he was forced to accompany them with Mosweu and that they drove around several farms.

He said at some stage he was forced to drink alcohol while being assaulted. Pakisi said police refused to assist him when he tried to open a case, accusing him of being drunk.

Schutte and Doorewaard handed themselves over to the police several days after Mosweu’s death. They said they had caught the teenager stealing sunflowers, and that he jumped to his death while they were on their way to the police station.

Advocate Rapula Molefe for the state said they are satisfied with the testimony given so far. “Today I’m very much happy about how our witness testified and I can even go to the extent that on the basis of how he conducted himself, when he was giving evidence, I would say that… today belonged to the state.”

The defence then cross-examined Pakisi, insisting that he could not have seen Schutte throwing Mosweu from the bakkie, as the tall sunflowers obscured his view.

This is after Pakisi told the court in his earlier evidence that he had seen Schutte throwing the teenager out of the bakkie. Mosweu’s death sparked violent protests by some residents, who allege this was one of the many incidents of racial victimisation by white residents in Coligny.

Cross-examination continues. The trial has been scheduled to continue until 20 June. Click below for more on the story: