Kenyatta and his deputy sworn in for second term

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Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto have taken the Oath of Office marking the beginning of their second and final terms.

Kenyatta and Ruto were sworn on Tuesday morning before thousands of cheering crowds and several heads of state.

International Relations Minister,  Maite Nkoana-Mashabane is representing President Jacob Zuma. At least 12 Heads of state are expected at the ceremony.

Kenyatta will now begin the unenviable task of uniting a deeply divided nation.

Police lobbed teargas canisters into a rowdy crowd that was trying to force its way into the stadium.

Trouble started when police closed the gates to the stadium indicating that the 60 000 capacity stadium was full. The crowds would hear none of it and forced their way into the stadium, bringing down one of the gates to the entrance. Police then fired in the air – a stampede then ensued.

First people on the scene had a tough time rescuing and treating those injured in the stampede. Inside the stadium, thousands of people danced and waved miniature Kenyan flags.

Kenyatta sworn in for his second and final term. His opponent Raila Odinga planned a parallel rally, which police say is illegal. Odinga who boycotted fresh elections over claims that the electoral commission is not impartial has termed Kenyatta’s win illegitimate.



Kenya lifts travel restrictions

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta said on Tuesday that any African can get a visa on arrival in Kenya, and will be free to settle in the country if they marry a Kenyan, removing restrictions on some nations.

“If you wish and find a willing partner, you can marry and settle in Kenya,” he said during his inauguration address, saying the move was designed to cement African ties.

“This commitment we make again with no requirement for reciprocity.” – Reuters