Kenya’s confirmed COVID-19 cases have increased to 208, after 11 more people tested positive for the virus in the east African nation. Kenya now has the highest number of positive cases in the East African region.

After what seemed as a lull, Tanzania has also recorded an increase in confirmed coronavirus cases this Easter weekend with 14 more people testing positive for COVID-19.

This brings the country’s total number of confirmed cases to 46.

This year’s Easter celebrations have been muted in east Africa. There are just more than 400 confirmed cases in the region, the lowest in Africa.

Kenya leads with 208 cases, followed by Rwanda with 126 cases, Uganda with 53 cases, Tanzania 46, with South Sudan and Burundi reporting four and five cases, respectively cases each.

Rwanda continued with week-long commemorations of the 26th anniversary of the genocide, with families under lockdown and radio stations and television channels airing programmes and songs to remember the victims.

Tanzania over the weekend announced the suspension of passenger planes but unlike the rest of the region places of worship remain open.

Burundi also continued with business as usual, including the local football league despite the threat of the coronavirus pandemic.

South Sudan confirmed its fourth COVID-19 case Friday, just a day after confirming its third case.

The graphic  below shows some measures to protect people against COVID-19: