Kenyans want leaders to emulate Mandela

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Kenyans from all walks of life want their leaders to emulate former South African President Nelson Mandela’s style of leadership.

The East African nation goes to the polls in August and most voters say they will be looking for selfless leaders like Mandela was.

Mandela spent the better part of his years after his release from prison mediating peace between warring factions in Burundi, a mission that saw the signing of the Arusha peace accord and the formation of lasting relationships between Mandela and the East African region.

While many Kenyans may not remember him as a peace mediator, they revere him for not being power hungry, a much-needed virtue as the country goes to the ballot.

“He was a patriotic man. They must preach peace like our brother Nelson Mandela. Nelson Mandela set a very good example for African leaders example of tolerance,” says one citizen.

“I think about me, I’d like us to learn about courage,” says another citizen.

As the world marks Nelson Mandela International day, Kenyans are in agreement that there is a lot to learn from the Mandela who admitted that his fight for South Africa’s freedom was inspired by the struggle of Kenya’s Mau Mau freedom fighters.

– By Sarah Kimani