Kenyans go to the polls amid fears

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Kenyans are going to the polls on Tuesday to elect a president as well as five other representatives.

President Uhuru Kenyatta who won the presidency in 2013 will be facing his political rival Raila Odinga, who is making a fourth and final attempt at the presidency.

Nineteen-point-six-million- voters are registered to vote.

Polls open at 6 am and are expected to close at 5 P.M. There are more than 40 000 polling stations.

There are eight presidential candidates but the main battle is between bitter political rivals President Kenyatta and Odinga.

Odinga narrowly lost the 2013 Presidential elections to Kenyatta.

Odinga challenged the outcome of those elections in court citing massive failure of the electronic equipment.

The polls come days after a senior electoral commission official in charge of the commission’s information and communication technology equipment was tortured and murdered.

There are fears of an eruption of chaos if the results of the polls are disputed.

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– By Sarah Kimani