Kenyan children malnourished, at risk of dying

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International non-governmental organisations working in Kenya say nearly 73 000 children in the country are severely malnourished and at risk of dying from drought-related hunger unless urgent aid is made immediately available.

This follows joint nutrition assessments conducted by the country’s regional Health Department and Unicef as well as nine aid organisations working on the ground.

is among countries in the East African region affected by severe food shortages following a prolonged dry spell.

Now, aid agencies are warning that the drought has left tens of thousands of children and families, including the most vulnerable under five, pregnant and breast-feeding mothers in a life threatening situation.

The situation is likely to worsen as the country enters the lean and short rains season.

The survey also reveals that nearly 40 000 pregnant and nursing women across Kenya are malnourished a 20% increase from in 2016.

The oragnisations also called on the international community to make more funds available to support the Kenyan government and aid agencies working on the ground to end the suffering of thousands of vulnerable women and children.

– By Sarah Kimani