Kenneth Meshoe denies that his party could be in conflict with the Constitution

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ACDP Leader, Kenneth Meshoe has denied that his party could be in conflict with the Constitution and says whilst the ACDP does not agree with the termination of pregnancies, it is more concerned about leadership. He says everybody should have rights.

Meshoe was speaking to the SABC News in an exclusive interview on the party’s manifesto ahead of the November 1st local government elections.

The party currently has four seats in the National Assembly after obtaining over 146 000 votes in the 2019 general elections.

The party is one of the 325 parties that will be contesting in the upcoming elections.

Currently, the Constitution allows for the termination of pregnancy by 20 weeks.

Meshoe says, “Obviously, we don’t agree. If we talk about rights then everybody must have a right, including the unborn child. The Constitution, we disagree on that, but in the work we are doing we don’t conflict. We may disagree but we don’t necessarily conflict. Abortion is not an issue. It’s there, it’s happening. Those who want to have it, it’s happening there, but when it comes to rulership, we are more concerned about helping the people than what we believe.”

ACDP leader Kenneth Meshoe on the party’s manifesto and election campaign: