KawNyoka residents lament basic human rights violations

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Villagers from KawNyoka in the Eastern Cape say their basic human rights are being violated, due to lack of access to clean water and sanitation.

Residents here are forced to draw water from spring, which is also a water source for the local animals.

A grimy spring nearby, which is both unsafe and unreliable, is the only source of water for the community it.

“Water only comes once in a while and it stops for a very long time. We get to a year without water. This pains us because we have to sleep here next to the fountain. We carry our blankets to sleep here until the crack of dawn,” says resident Nonasi Menze.

Another resident, Noxolo Memani says they do not see the freedom talked about.

“We hear that there is freedom in South Africa. We feel like we are still under the apartheid regime. We don’t benefit from anything. We have no sanitation and there is no development,” says Memani.

Some have resorted to buying water an expensive and unsustainable alternative.

“We buy water here. I have just paid R700 for two small tanks. Since, the year has started there hasn’t been water,” says resident, Lulamile Nqumba.

The Chris Hani District Municipality denies claims that there is no water in the village. The municipality says in a statement that a service provider broke the supply pipe and that repairs on the line, are expected to be completed by the end of the week.