Kagiso residents say they live in fear

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Residents of Kagiso, west of Johannesburg say they are living in fear. They were engaging Police Minister Bheki Cele and police officials on the second leg of a two-day crime imbizo.

This follows the gang rape of eight women allegedly by illegal miners last week.

The residents went on the rampage, torching property that they believed that the zama zamas were living in.

A resident says they don’t have confidence in the police, as they addressed the National Commissioner.

“National Commissioner, it’s very sad of you to stand here and say we must not take the law into our own hands when there’s no law. You’ve left this place to be lawless. There is no law. The problem that we are facing right now is as a result of your negligence. You cannot claim that you did not know what was happening in those mines.”

It’s day two of the Crime Combating Imbizo taking place in Kagiso in Gauteng’s West Rand: