WATCH: President Jacob Zuma addresses the nation

SA President Jacob Zuma
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Earlier, President Jacob Zuma said the National Congress National Executive Committee has not given him reasons for its decision to recall him, and maintained he has done nothing wrong.

He was speaking an exclusive interview with the SABC, the first since the decision was confirmed.

The country has been on a knife’s edge as the matter of President Zuma’s future has been negotiated over the last few weeks.

President Zuma said he would not resign until the ANC gives him valid reasons to do so. He says he has not done anything wrong and accuses his comrades of treating him unfairly.

“…In a sense, very unfair to me – that this issue is raised two months after the national conference. Some of the leaders are fuelling this debate and some have said what is left for Zuma is to resign or a motion of no confidence. So, when such a motivation is raised it becomes more urgent to know ‘what have I done?’ Unfortunately, no one has provided me the reason what have I done.”