The Commission of Inquiry into State Capture has adjourned until Monday after hearing testimony from its investigator, Frank Dutton.

Dutton corroborated evidence of former Bosasa Chief Operations Officer, Angelo Agrizzi that implicated former South African Airways Board Chairperson, Dudu Myeni in handing him highly confidential documents in the Sheraton Hotel in Johannesburg.

According to Dutton, the carpet appearing in photographs Agrizzi took of the documents during his meeting with Myeni matches those of his own probe at the Sheraton Hotel.

The document, which was only meant for the National Prosecuting Authority officials listed names of people and entities which were subject to charges of racketeering.

Agrizzi told the Commission he took pictures of the documents as he could not make copies. Dutton says the carpet shown in the images, is that of the hotel.

“I then turned left from the lift as Mr Agrizzi has explained, and I found that between the lift, on the far wall, there was an alcove where there was a lounge suite, where people could sit and meet. I then observed the carpet and I compared it to the photographs that we’ve just looked at now and I found that they matched.”

Dutton further confirmed that the hotel’s records show that Myeni was a guest at the time as contained in Agrizzi’s testimony.

“I was told that on the 23rd of September and in fact, the previous night, the 22nd, the 23rd, Dudu Myeni had been a guest of the Sheraton Hotel and she had been accommodated in room 616.”