Justice Minister, Ronald Lamola has called for a review of Correctional Supervision and the Parole Board’s decision to release disgraced former tennis champion, Bob Hewitt on parole.

79-year-old Hewitt is currently serving a six year sentence after he was convicted of rape and sexual assault of minors in 2015.

The victims were girls he was coaching in the 1980s and 90s.

Hewitt was going to be released on the 23rd of this month but some of his victims say they weren’t consulted.

Spokesperson for the Minister, Crispin Phiri says, “The Minister has learnt with some concern that the decision to release Mr Bob Hewitt on parole was done without following the due process, which is to make sure the victims are given an opportunity to make representation in this regard. In light of the above, the Minister has instructed the National Commissioner of Correctional Services Mr Arthur Fraser to take the matter on review with the Correctional Supervision and Parole Board as per section 77 of the Correctional Services Act.”

Last week, the legal representative of one of the victims objected against parole being approved for him without the victims being informed.

Lawyer Tania Koen says “I contacted Correctional Services because I am acting for one of his victims, Olivia Jasriel, she was previously known as Sue Ellen Shehan. She wanted to come on record so that we get notified when the application board sits. So I was extremely shocked, and my client is devastated that we were not notified, We will now be taking further steps.”