Julius Malema: Party members should not push narrative of Zimbabweans stealing jobs

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EFF leader Julius Malema says party members should not become part of the narrative that Zimbabweans are stealing jobs from South Africans.

Malema says EFF members should instead focus on the land issue and occupy strategic positions in the economy.

He was speaking at an EFF provincial conference in Klerksdorp, North West.

“All of you join forces together against Zimbabweans what’s wrong no they’re taking our jobs why because you want to be workers, you don’t want to be the owners of sectors of the economy. All you’re fighting for is jobs, who is going to give you these jobs is a white man. You are all now fighting to work for a white man,” he said.

The three-day events which will end on Sunday, among others, elect new party provincial leaders & unpack the party’s political and organizational reports. North West is the 1st province to hold its PPA.

Malema’s speech comes after Home Affairs Minister Aaron Motsoaledi granted ZEP holders six months extended stay.

Meanwhile, Malema has lambasted party members in Mpumalanga for not taking the ANC and its President, Cyril Ramaphosa to task, for patching potholes in essentially non-existent roads in Delmas.

Malema called on EFF members to actively hold the government accountable in their respective areas, especially where service delivery is concerned.

“Where is the EFF in Mpumalanga where Ramaphosa went to patch a non-existing pothole because the EFF should have been there and say you can’t patch a pothole here, there’s no pothole here, we don’t have roads, “he said.

Additional reporting by Sentleeng Lehihi