Julius Malema encourages Ditsobotla Local Municipality residents to vote for EFF on Wednesday

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With just days to go before the Ditsobotla Local Municipality by-elections, political parties in the North West province are concluding their campaign drives.

Parliamentary oversight visit to Ditsobotla Local Municipality:

Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema, addressed mini-rallies in three different areas under the municipality on Sunday, encouraged residents to vote for his party, promising to provide services.

The municipal council was disbanded by the provincial government in September, citing a lack of services, maladministration and political infighting. Twenty ward seats and 19 proportional representation seats are up for grabs.

15 Small parties join the race to contest in Ditsobotla local municipality bi-elections:

Supporters of the EFF clad in red came in their numbers to hear what the EFF president had to say to them ahead of the bi-elections.

Some residents say they are tired of unkept promises. They bemoan long years of poor service delivery and hope the EFF will turn things around.

Campaigning for his party in Bodibe Village, Boikhutso and Coligny Township, Malema says indigent residents must receive free basic services.

“Every house must get electricity and that electricity must be free of charge especially houses that are owned by grandparents because they are not working because they are receiving Sassa grants,” he said.

“Why are they giving them Sassa grants and come with a bill of electricity and say pay electricity? How are they going to pay because the sasaa grant is not meant for electricity,” he said.

He added that corruption is to blame for poor service delivery in the country.

“The problem of South Africa and in Africa is corruption. If we can end corruption there will be no child who will be unemployed because the money that is supposed to construct a road, politicians are chawing it. If they do not construct a road the will be no jobs. If construct roads there will be jobs for unemployed young people,” said Malema.

More than a hundred voting stations will be open on Wednesday, with 15 political parties and an independent candidate contesting the by-elections.

Zille blames ANC for poor service delivery in Ditsobotla Local Municipality :