Julius Malema calls on EFF members to hold government accountable

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Image: Twitter @EFFSouthAfrica 

Julius Malema  with the newly elected Top 5 of the EFF North West Provincial Command Team

EFF leader Julius Malema called on EFF members to actively hold government accountable in their respective areas, especially where service delivery is concerned.

Speaking during his closing address at the party’s North West 3rd Provincial People’s Assembly in Klerksdorp, Malema lambasted party members in Mpumalanga for not taking the ANC and party leader, Cyril Ramaphosa to task.

Malema added that, “The ANC and Ramaphosa and everybody else who represents the ANC must be taken on toe for toe.

Malema’s criticism follows the  backlash that ANC party president Cyril Ramaphosa received for patching potholes in essentially non-existent roads in Delmas during a party campaign.

“Where is the EFF in Mpumalanga where Ramaphosa went to patch a non existing pothole. Because the EFF should have been there and say you can’t patch a pothole here, there’s no pothole here, we don’t have roads. You let the man to go and do as he wish with our people and claim to be on the ground. ” the EFF party leader further added.

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