The mother of Eldorado Park boy Nathaniel Julies has broken down in tears when it was revealed in court that 189 pellets were found on Julies’ body. Forensic Expert, Lieutenant Colonel Lucas Visser is testifying in the Julies murder trial in the High Court sitting in Palm Ridge in Ekurhuleni.

Three police officers are in the dock for their alleged involvement in the Julies murder in August last year. Visser has testified that the type of shotgun round that was used contains about 280 pellets meaning that around 65 percent of them hit Julies.

“During the post-mortem, when I looked at the body I saw somebody that contains typical wounds caused by a shotgun. There were an estimated 189 pellets that struck the deceased. The pellets are small little balls made of led. These pellets originate from a shotgun cartridge and according to my measurements, it is number 5. That is the size,” Visser explains.

VIDEO: Nathaniel Julies – More details have emerged at the murder trial

This week, the High Court sitting in Palm Ridge Ekurhuleni is hearing evidence from a police photographer and a police captain.  They believed Julies, who had Down Syndrome, could have been shot at close range.

The three police officers have all pleaded not guilty to the charges.