Judgment reserved in Janusz Walus ConCourt application

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Judgment in the matter between the Hani family and the South African Communist Party (SACP) against the killer of former leader Chris Hani has been reserved. Janusz Walus took the matter to the Constitutional Court today to ask the apex court to review and set aside Justice Minister Ronald Lamola’s refusal to grant him parole.
Earlier Walus’ lawyer Advocate Roelof Du Plessis said the minister’s refusal to grant parole was discretionary and unlawful. He also said the minister took the decision after being pressured by his alliance partners. But the lawyer representing the Hani family, Advocate Muzi Sikhakhane SC has rebutted that, saying Hani’s killing nearly shattered the dream of a new democratic country.
“The nature of this murder was not just a murder of an individual; it was a murder of a democratic dream. It was a murder of the possibility of this nation becoming a democratic constitutional state, is a murder of a society and it was a murder of its democratic dream, it’s a murder of his family and a murder of his daughter who died after that and it’s a murder of the entire democratic dream of a society and in that regard, our submission is that this court is not better placed to make a decision if it is not inclined to dismiss the application as we submit,” says Sikhakhane.
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