Judgement in the bail application of the six men accused of killing Gauteng Health whistle-blower, Babita Deokaran, is expected to be handed down on Tuesday at the Johannesburg Magistrates Court.

Deokaran was gunned down outside her Johannesburg home in August.

The senior official at the provincial Health Department was a key witness in an investigation into tender fraud surrounding personal protective equipment’s.

The six suspects accused of murdering Deokaran are expected to hear on Tuesday, whether or not they will remain behind bars.

During the bail application, all six retracted their confessions, alleging it was given under duress.

Prior to retracting their confessions, accused number one, Phakamani Hadebe, implicated former Health Minister, Zweli Mkhize. Hadebe claimed that he met the Minister and a man he identified as Mkhize’s brother at Brits Mall a week before Deokaran was killed.

He then made a U-turn, saying he had confessed to stop the assault by police.

Video: Bail application for the six men accused of killing Gauteng Health Department whistleblower Babita Deokaran (5 November 2021)

Last month, Corruption Watch called on law enforcement to ensure that the death of Gauteng Health Department senior official is not in vain.

Corruption Watch Executive Director, David Lewis said it is important that  whistleblowers are protected,

Deokaran’s family spokesperson, Tony Haripersadh said they want to see justice being served.

“The family is not going to leave this. We are going to appear at the court appearances and we are going to see to it that justice is done. We are expecting bail to be refused and for the suspects to be held until the thorough investigation has been completed and the mastermind that ordered this hit, that person is identified and brought to book,” says Haripersadh.

Video: Family of slain Babita Deokaran wants justice (18 November 2021)