Judge rules that inquest into death of Imam Haron be overturned

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Western Cape High Court Judge Daniel Thulare has ruled that the original inquest into the death of Muslim Cleric and anti-apartheid activist, Imam Abdullah Haron, be overturned.

Thulare read out sections of his 101-page findings, focusing on the injuries on the Imam’s body.

The inquest of 1970 found that no one could be held accountable for the Imam’s death after the 123 days in police detention.

Video: Judge Daniel Thulare rules that original inquest into Imam Abdullah Haron’s death be overturned

Thulare ruled all the special branch police members involved in his case were guilty of the Imam’s murder as a result of torture.

“The version of the police was contradicted by the findings of the forensic pathologist, Dr Shwain, who examined the body of Imam. And then an independent specialist surgeon knowledgeble in pathology Dr Helm, who were clear that all of the bruises found on the body of Imam could not have been caused by the falling down the stairs,” says Thulare.

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