JSE raises awareness around gender equality in financial spaces

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The Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) was off to a different tune on Friday with its traditional ringing of the bells to signal the start of business, symbolising the fight for gender equality.

They joined over 40 other markets across the globe raising awareness in the financial space.

Friday marks International Women’s Day, celebrating the strides in women’s rights.

JSE Corporate Affairs and Marketing Director Zanele Morrison says: “Globally every single stock exchange today is ringing their bells for gender equality, it so important to raise awareness for women to participate in the capital market.”

Despite strides to bridge the divide, the gap still remains wide open.

Businesswoman Lynette Ntuli says: “About 2.7 billion women remain legally restricted from working across the globe. The gender gap is not a myth. For every 12 months a man works, a woman has to work for 15 months for the same amount.”

International Women’s’ Day aims to put the spotlight on issues.

UN Global Compact’s Achieng Ojwang says:”We no longer have a choice. We talking about economic inclusion no way can we achieve that if we do not center women. We cannot achieve that without gender equality, we need to see more action.”

As the country pushes closer to the 4th industrial revolution, females are being pushed to pioneer change.

Motsepe Foundation’s Precious Moloi-Motsepe says: “Young girls should be nurtured and encouraged to take a stand. They can excel in these subjects as well. As the business society we have to explore new models of closing gender gaps.”

In 2019, the theme for the day is  “Think Equal, Build Smart and Innovate for Change”

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