Former Malawian President Dr. Joyce Banda says economic integration cannot be achieved without inclusivity, especially for women in leadership positions.

She delivered a lecture at the Nelson Mandela University in Port Elizabeth attended by academics and students on Saturday.

Women in Leadership was the concept underlining this lecture. Banda encouraged young women to achieve more.

“Women must find their way to leadership positions. That is the only way we will experience full economic integration. Inclusivity is everything. There is no denying that we make a majority; and to ensure economic development, women must play a role.”

In the video below, former Malawian President Dr. Joyce Banda calls for women to take up leadership roles

‘Leaders are born’

Banda acknowledged that it all starts with the girl child. “I recently did a research that says leaders are born. But they are only born with 30%. The rest is up to social aspects. Now imagine that girl child who lives in the rural areas, the odds become against her right from the beginning. Education is the only way out.”

She applauded Presidents who have managed to reach 50/50 gender bases in their cabinets.

“Let us first applaud President Cyril Ramaphosa for ensuring a 50/50 cabinet. He is one of the few in this continent who have done that. We, as women, also need to step up. Slowly but surely building our names and taking these positions.”

She closed her lecture by encouraging young women to be proactive in grabbing opportunities.

In the video below, Dr. Joyce Banda delivers Women and Leadership in Africa public lecture