Joint operation leads to the arrest of undocumented foreign nationals in the Nelson Mandela Bay metro

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A joint operation between officials from the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro, the police and Home Affairs Department has led to the arrest of 10 undocumented foreign nationals at one of the metro’s landfill sites in the Eastern Cape.

Metro officials also demolished 15 informal dwellings at the Koedoeskloof landfill site in Kariega.

The mayoral committee member for public health, Tshonono Buyeye, says the operation was executed to ensure the safety of municipal workers and the public who use the site.

“The societal problems need all of us to work together as government stakeholders so that we can address the reasons that make people want to go and stay at facilities such as Koedoeskloof, but we could not allow the situation to stay in an unhealthy environment, knowing very well what could transpire and also the safety of the honest people who come to do what the city has been saying. Because we are discouraging the communities from dumping illegally and then when they dump legally, they get robbed. So, we are saying we are putting an end to all unlawful activities in the city.”