British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has reportedly removed the threat of a “No Deal” Brexit from his election campaign platform.

If could be a softening of his stance in an attempt to hold on to moderate Conservative voters.

The prime minister had previously pledged to take Britain out of the European Union with or without a deal on October 31, before lawmakers voted to force him to seek a three month extension.

Now the UK’s Times newspaper says Johnson has abandoned that strategy altogether. Instead he’ll focus solely on getting his renegotiated deal approved, according to the paper.

The news came a day after he rejected a proposed alliance with the hardline Brexit Party that would meant he’d have to agree to leaving the European Union without a deal.

Johnson said he could put his deal through parliament after any election win.

Opinion polls currently give his Conservatives a healthy lead over the main opposition Labour Party, but also suggest that more than 10% of voters back the Brexit Party, which could be enough to split the pro-Brexit vote in some seats and hand victory to Labour.