Johannesburg water reservoirs slowly recovering, many remain severely strained

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Johannesburg Water says whilst some of its reservoirs are slowly recovering, many remain severely strained, resulting in some high lying areas experiencing low pressure to no water.

The water entity says the Crosby, and Hurst Hill systems are critically low, whilst the Crown Gardens, Eagles Nest and Heldekruin reservoirs are slowly recovering.

Residents are urged to continue using water sparingly and not use hosepipes to irrigate or water gardens, wash cars or clean driveways but use grey water instead.

On Sunday Johannesburg Mayor, Dada Morero, said he was confident that by Monday water supply across the City will be back to normal.

Taps run dry in Joburg amid Stage 2 water restrictions:

Several parts of Johannesburg are experiencing water shortages after reservoir levels dropped during the rolling blackouts. Electrically powered water pumps are used to maintain reservoir levels.

Morero was speaking following the announcement of the City’s new Mayoral Committee on Saturday.

“We are now hopeful that water will be restored. The levels are doing better today (Saturday). It’s only Crosby and those areas that are still affected but we think that come Monday the water problem would have been resolved and everybody will have water.”

“The challenges are as we said on Friday the hot weather conditions are contributing because once the levels are pushed higher and distributed immediately, the water gets finished. So, we have to constantly push the levels in the reservoirs – but we are doing better and we are confident that by Monday – everybody will have water,” added Morero.