Residents of the Joburg CBD are demanding answers after having their water supply cut for four days.

They say they received messages from the property owners informing them that it was a problem within the municipality.

The water cuts affect over 1000 families in the three buildings in the area.

Property owners claim the City of Johannesburg failed to provide a pre-disconnection notice.

Ithemba Property, that owns some of the buildings, approached the court on Wednesday and Thursday to seek the restoration of the water.

However, some families are still without water as it takes time to filter through the buildings. Two residents say the situation is unbearable…

“When I woke up on Wednesday morning, that’s when I realised there’s no water. On the same Wednesday, they brought trucks for us. We went to fetch water outside using buckets. So Wednesday, I did not go to work; Thursday, I did not go to work; Friday, I did not go to work and it’s even Saturday today, there’s still no water. Bathing is a mission, hygiene purposes – bathroom we need to flush our toilets.”

Another resident claims it’s an on-going problem.

“It’s actually been a monthly thing. It’s been an on-going problem since June last year if I’m not mistaken. So every month we just have to expect our water to be cut off for a week or so. We have to fill our bathtubs with water so that we can use it to flush our toilets. I’d really like to see our water back because we’re really struggling.”