Johannesburg residents irritated by water outages

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Residents of Johannesburg who are affected by water cuts say it is negatively affecting them and inconveniencing their daily lives.

Power outages have caused severe shortages at Rand Water’s main reservoirs over the last few days. As a result, many areas in Gauteng have had little to no water supply.

The water entity says they have started stabilising pumping at maximum capacity but full recovery will be dependent on less frequent power failures.

This is what some residents of Johannesburg have to say.

“These water cuts are a big inconvenience especially because we are not being told when the water is being cut. And we wake up and there’s no water so it becomes a huge inconvenience,” says a resident.

Another Joburg adds, “This makes life very hard because this is a necessity and it doesn’t make life hard for just one individual. It makes life hard for the whole household. Then you have to go get water and get buckets and we are paying for water and we don’t get it and we’re paying for electricity and we don’t have electricity most of the time.”