Earthlife Africa Johannesburg will march in the city on Saturday, calling on the South African government to abandon its plans to build new nuclear power stations.

“Earthlife Africa Jhb calls on all governments to take a bold stand, guided by science and economics, against nuclear energy, as it is not a climate solution,” Earthlife Africa said.

Earthlife Africa – Jhb would be supported by Greenpeace Africa and other partner organisations during the march on Saturday.

“Nuclear is a false solution that will lock us into a future shaped by the degradation of our environment and a shame to our economy. Human activities are causing climate change and recent climate events demand that there is global action,” Earthlife Africa programme officer Nomalizo Xhoma said.

“Climate change must not only be dealt with annually at an international meeting. We are all affected by climate change, it does not discriminate. Nuclear is never safe and all International experience has shown that nuclear never delivers on time or on budget.”

Greenpeace Africa campaigner Penny-Jane Cooke said Greenpeace believed it was “crystal clear” that renewable energy was the cheapest and best option for South Africa.

“We call on the South African government to step away from nuclear.”

The march will start at 10am at the Westgate taxi rank in Johannesburg. The marchers will follow Pixley ka Seme (Sauer) Street and turn into Rissik and Albertina Sisulu streets. The march will end at 1pm at the Eskom regional office in Braamfontein.