Joburg Mayor to take action against irregular appointments

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Johannesburg Mayor Geoffrey Makhubo says action will be taken against those responsible for the irregular appointment of more than 2000 security guards in 2019.

The City of Joburg insourced around 5000 guards, after campaigning by the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF).

Makhubo says the number of officers hired were far more than what was needed. He says he has also discovered some serious irregularities in the appointment process.

He says no action will be taken against the security officers, but anyone involved in irregularly appointing them will be held to account.

Makhubo was addressing the media about the state of the city since taking office in December 2019.

“Currently, we have insourced 5.021 security officers, 2.110 more officers than targeted. The additional 2.110 people employed under the guise of insourcing were illegally recruited and smuggled into the City’s employ without any valid and legal process of employment.”

“This is abuse of the City’s processes to meet party political ends and to create a sitting constituency whose task was to maintain the status-quo in governance.”