Johannesburg’s City Power is doing emergency repairs at its Mayfair substation after a tree fell on a tower during Monday’s thunderstorms that hit the City.

It’s caused disruption to the power supply of residents in Auckland Park, Vrededorp, Melville, Braamfontein Werf, Richmond, Brixton and Homestead.

City Power spokesperson, Isaac Mangena, says repairs are likely to be complete by 16h30 on Tuesday afternoon.

“Repairs are currently under way on the pylon tower that got damaged on the storms on Monday. The damage happened after trees fell on the tower during the thunderstorm. They are about 5m away from the servitude and the strong winds actually blew them onto the pilon lines. It tripped our electricity and affected power supply to several areas including Crosby, Mayfair, Homestead, Laanglagte and their extensions. We are hoping that we may be able to restore power by this (Tuesday) evening.”