Job candidates advised to grow skills ahead of industrial revolution

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Recruiting experts say companies are looking for candidates with a combination of hard and soft skills as well as global experience.

Spencer Stuart, a global recruitment firm, says South Africa’s weak Maths and Science attainment is a challenge that needs to be improved.

It has been widely reported that the fourth Industrial Revolution will lead to many jobs being replaced by artificial intelligence.

This means that the class of 2019 will need to begin building skills sets to be able to run companies in the future.

Guy Lundy is a leadership consultant at Spencer Stuart, a firm that focuses on recruiting executives at a more senior level for large corporates.

He says it is challenging to find people with solid skills because the country ranks so poorly in Maths and Science.

The International Institute for Management Development’s World Digital Competitiveness report ranked South Africa a lowly 47 out of the 63 countries surveyed for maths and science.

According to Hay’s Recruiting Experts, as new technologies continue to emerge and change the way the way we work, many new and exciting opportunities could be created for those with digital technical skills.

Some roles within the sector will evolve too, while some employers bemoan the lack of employability skills.

Lundy advises lifelong learning, constantly acquiring new knowledge and international exposure.

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