Job agreements take centre stage at Job Summit

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Business Unity South Africa (BUSA) says the signing of various proposed job agreements will take centre stage at the two-day Jobs Summit that will kick off on Thursday (04 October) in Johannesburg.

BUSA says the conference is a process rather than an event to find a quick fix to the current job crisis.

BUSA has urged South Africans to look at the summit as a conversation between government, society, labour and business to find lasting solutions and meaningful partnerships to tackle the unemployment problem.

The summit inputs will also contribute to the presidential investment conference to take place at the end of October.

Amongst proposals suggested to stimulate job creation at the summit will include agreement to boost jobs in early childhood development and jobs in local procurement that will engage 500 corporates in the next five years in terms of procurement targets.

A number of companies will sign their procurement commitments on the side-lines of the summit through Proudly South Africa.

BUSA says they hope a proposal to enhance trade in fruit and wine production will also be signed to scale up production for export markets from R50 billion to R90 billion.

This is expected to create over 200 000 jobs in the next 10 years.

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