JMPD probes video scuffle between metro cop and civilian

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Johannesburg Metro Police are investigating an incident of a physical fight between one of their own and a member of the public.

A 30-second-long video of the incident is currently doing rounds on social media.

The video shows a male officer wrestling with a man while standing in front of a minibus taxi on the side of the road.

It ends after the officer is overpowered and brought to ground as the fight continues.

While some civilians were filming videos on their mobile phones, some called on the two to stop fighting.

It’s not yet clear when and where this happened.

Johannesburg Metro Police Spokesperson Wayne Minnaar says the incident will be looked into.

“There’s a video currently on social media showing a fight between a JMPD officer and a member of the public. There’s no evidence whatsoever; where it happened; why it happened or what time it happened. So, this incident will be investigated, and there’s no independent complainant. So, it’s very difficult to investigate.”

See video below: