JMPD “Job-for-sale” victims could face criminal charges

JMPD spokesperson Wayne Minaar
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Johannesburg Metro Police (JMPD) say the victims of a ‘ jobs-for-sale ‘ syndicate could face criminal charges. Four suspects – three men and one woman -appeared in court on Monday for allegedly selling jobs to more than 100 students of different province.

They were arrested on Friday in a sting operation. It’s understood that the students, desperate for employment, paid R15 000 each for the JMPD jobs.

JMPD spokesperson, Wayne Minnaar, says once investigations are completed all the evidence will be handed over to the NPA.

“In terms of the Criminal Procedure Act, there’s a briber and bribee. The briber is just as guilty as the bribee so the one who gives the money is just as guilty as the one who receives the money. However, the investigation will be done and the dockets will be given to the Director of Public Prosecutions for them to take a decision. No metro police job can be bought. No metro police job is for sale. If there is vacancy in the academy, there will be an advert that will be out in daily newspapers and young people can apply.”

The suspects were found in possession of documents and metro police badges.

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