JHB residents called to refrain from using dangerous warming devices

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The Johannesburg Emergency Services has called on residents to refrain from using house warmers that could endanger their lives.

This as the South African Weather Service has warned that the cold weather will continue right into the weekend in different parts of the country.

The weather service says this is the coldest week since the beginning of the year.

The Johannesburg Weather Service is concerned that the cold weather may lead people to make use of warming devices. EMS spokesperson, Robert Mulaudzi says they will remain on high alert, particularly in informal settlements to ensure people’s safety.

“We all know that we have a significant drop in temperatures. It’s extremely cold and our residents might be tempted to use heating devices like candles, paraffin stoves and imbawula (heater). So we are urging all residents to ensure that all those heating devices are looked after while in use. They must not leave them unattended so that we are able to prevent fire incidents. From our side, we will remain on high alert.”

Flooding expected in parts of Western Cape

In areas such as the Western Cape, there was snowfall earlier in the week. South African Weather Service forecaster, Khumsa Masizana says the cold front will continue and flooding can be expected in parts of the Western Cape.

“We had that cold front that moved over the country. That was the first cold snap of the season. As a result, it dropped the cold temperatures significantly and it’s going to take some time for the temperatures to recover. We do have an approaching cold front that is currently still to the west of the country. Rain is expected over the Western Cape. At the metropolitan area of the Western Cape, it looks like flooding is also expected.”