Janusz Walus must rot in jail: Nzimande

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South African Communist Party General Secretary (SACP) Blade Nzimande says Polish immigrant Janusz Walus must rot in jail for killing Chris Hani. Nzimande and Hani’s widow, Limpho, are attending Monday’s proceedings at the High Court in Pretoria.

On Monday,  the High Court in Pretoria heard another attempt by Waluz to be released on parole after earlier attempts were overturned. Walus’ lawyers have put it before court that he’s eligible to be considered for parole.

They argued Walus has completed correctional anger and skills programs which make him qualify for parole.

Nzimande says Walus has failed to tell the truth on who hired him to kill Hani.

“Now, this is being complicated by the fact that even experts are saying he has no remorse, he still remains a communist and has not changed his ideas about what he did politically. Although he tries to say he is sorry about having assassinated Chris Hani, the father and the husban, he is not sorry for having assassinated Chris Hani the communist. It is the same human being and it is the same life that he took. So our view is simply that he must not get parole. He does not deserve it for the reasons we have outlined.”

The legal representative of the SACP and the Hani family, Marumo Moerane has asked the court to dismiss Walus’ application with costs. Moerane argued that the applicant has not shown remorse and that the reasons advanced by the former minister of justice denying Walus release on parole, are sufficient for the court to rule against the applicant.

Walus was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of SACP Secretary General Chris Hani in 1993. He has served 24 years of the life sentence. Walus and the late Clive Derby-Lewis were sentenced to death for the assassination of the former SACP General Secretary in 1993, but the sentence was later converted to life imprisonment.

Hani was gunned down outside his Dawn Park home in Boksburg.