Jane Fonda reveals ‘best birthday present ever’: her cancer is in remission

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Actress Jane Fonda, who turns 85 next Wednesday, said on Friday she had received an early birthday gift when her doctor told her that her cancer was in remission.

Fonda disclosed in September that she was undergoing chemotherapy for what she said was a treatable form of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. She said she has now discontinued chemo.

“I am feeling so blessed, so fortunate. I thank all of you who prayed and sent good thoughts my way. I am confident that it played a role in the good news,” Fonda wrote on Instagram.

She called it the “best birthday present ever.”

Fonda has worked in film and television for more than six decades, winning Oscars for roles in the 1971 movie “Klute” and 1978′s “Coming Home.”

This year, she starred in the final season of Netflix comedy “Grace and Frankie.”

Off-screen, Fonda has advocated for various causes and currently is pushing for policies to curb climate change.