Jammeh’s deadline may be extended

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There is a possibility that the noon deadline for former Gambian President Yahya Jammeh to step down may be extended.

This is the view of Kumi Naidoo, the director of Africa Rising for Justice, Peace and Security, who returned last night from the Gambia.

The deadline expires at two o’clock Friday afternoon, South African time.

West African troops are inside Gambian territory ready to remove Jammeh by force once they get the go-ahead.

Naidoo says, “We all want it, government and non-governmental actors are all concerned they want this to end peacefully. I think my sense is if the noon deadline is not met by Jammeh, don’t be surprised if the deadline is extended by a couple more hours to allow a few presidents on the continent who have access to him to try and convince him that for his own interests, for his family’s interest and for the interests of the people of Gambia and the region the best thing is now is that he should take up one of those Asylum offers.”

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