It’s not yet over for Phahlane: O’Sullivan

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Private forensic investigator Paul O’Sullivan says more charges against former acting National Police Commissioner Phahlane are imminent.

This is after the state withdrew its case against Phahlane and two others on Thursday, after being denied an application to postpone the case for three months.

Phahlane, his wife Beauty, and car dealer Durandt Snyman were accused of fraud.

The State had asked for the matter to be postponed, to allow police watchdog IPID more time to complete their investigation.

The Serious Commercial Crimes Court in Pretoria ruled that a further delay in the case would prejudice the Phahlane’s and Snyman.

O’Sullivan says it’s not over yet for Phahlane.

“The reason they asked for that postponement of three months is because they want to add a lot more charges to the case, they don’t only want to prosecute him for the motor vehicles that he got from Snyman. Now the charge relating to the motor vehicles is just the tip of the iceberg, what Phahlane has to do is explain the relationship with Keith Keating and the staff of his, and the relationship with them and Keating and when all that is done and I think that will be done in court, the people of this country will have a much clearer view,” says  O’Sullivan.

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