The new head of the Italian Referees Association (AIA) said that referees should speak to the media more after Daniele Orsato made a landmark appearance on Italian television.

Experienced official Orsato, who took charge of the 2020 Champions League final, made a rare public appearance when he was a guest on RAI’s “90th Minute” programme on Sunday.

Alfredo Trentalange, the newly elected AIA president, hinted that there could be more to come, although he stopped short of promising imminent post-match interviews with officials.

“We’re thinking about it and talking about it,” he told Radio Anch’io Sport.

“We’re sharing these ideas, even though it’s premature to address this topic for now.”

“Yesterday was an important moment with Orsato speaking to the media. Now we must reflect on the future, but it was a good start,” he added.

“We aren’t great at communication, we’re better at refereeing, but if you get to know the referees it will be better for everyone.”

Trentalange also revealed that he hopes to have female referees officiating in Serie A matches in the next two years.

“We want to support the female referees who are showing that they are at the top level,” he said.

“They must be considered, and I hope there can be an acceleration in that sense; my dream is to succeed with that in the next two years.”