Former police officer, Nomia Ndlovu, charged with the murder of six of her family members, has denied that she ever took a policy in her sister, Audrey’s name, posing as her on the phone.

The court heard evidence from an audiologist who examined recorded calls from insurance companies and testified that Ndlovu had posed as Audrey in one of the calls, taking up an insurance policy that eventually paid out R717 000. 

Ndlovu has denied this saying the voice on the recorded phone was not hers.  

“I never took policies pretending to be Audrey. I just want to add this, my lord, my voice is very much similar to that of my sister. If she was here and she spoke, you’d swear it was me speaking,” she tells the court. 

The former police officer, who was arrested in 2018, is currently on the stand being questioned about the reasons behind her taking so many insurance policies for her family members. She says she did so to avoid being burdened in the event one of them passed on as she had experienced it before.  

There was a back-and-forth between the accused and the judge on whether she had in fact contributed to the burial of her sister. However, the judge was quick to remind the accused that the charge was not whether she had contributed or not, but that she had killed people in order to cash in on the insurance policies.  

The judge also heard that the accused had made an offer of R15 000 towards Witness Homu’s 2012 burial, which the judge said he had found odd in that people do not make offers towards a funeral but contributions.

The judge also said even if she paid any portion of the monies cashed in from insurance policies, it should not be regarded as a “contribution” since it was money intended for that purpose.  

“Contribution is anything from your own pocket (beyond insurance policy payout).” 

The accused insisted, all said and done, she had not killed anyone and was innocent, but the judge was quick to remind her that it was not up to her to determine, but for her to only give evidence.  

The court has adjourned to Friday morning after the accused complained of an “acute pain.”

Former Tembisa police officer Rosemary Nomia Ndlovu returns to the stand at the Johannesburg High Court sitting in Palm Ridge: