The Ahmed Kathrada Foundation has described the move by Israel to begin a process of annexation of Palestinian territory as a “declaration of war”.  Israel plans to take about 30% of land in Palestine. 

The Foundation, alongside other civic society groups, staged a protest outside the US Consulate in Sandton, north of Johannesburg, in support of Palestine. 

The protest took place at the US Consulate because the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation believes that US President Donald Trump’s continued support of Israel has contributed to Israel’s decision. 

  “This is not a peace plan – it’s more of a declaration of war. It is not intended to bring about peace, because if it was – it would have been negotiated with the Palestinians. This is a plan drawn-up without any participation of any Palestinian today. But we are also happy that we have seen thousands of Jewish people across the world, who have come up in opposition to this annexation,” says Director of the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation Neeshan Balton.

 Storm over Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng’s comments on Israel 

Last week, Chief Justice Mogoeng Moegeng got into hot water for his comments on Israel. During his participation in a webinar hosted by the Jerusalem Post, Mogoeng said, among other things, that as a Christian he believed that those who curse Israel would also be cursed.

 This has been viewed as expressing his support for the Jewish state. Calls for him to withdraw the statement or resign have been mounting.

Quoting a Bible verse, the Chief Justice said as a Christian, he is obligated to love Israel.

“The first base I give it is on Psalms 122 verse 6 which says: ‘Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. They shall prosper that love thee.’ And also Genesis 12 verse 1-3 that says to me as Christian if I curse Abraham and Israel the almighty God will curse me too. So, I am under an obligation, as a Christian, to love Israel, to pray for the peace of Jerusalem; which actually means the peace of Israel.”

In the video below, Director of #Africa4Palestine Muhammed Desai responds to Chief Mogoeng Mogoeng’s comments: