Is South Africa xenophobic?

protesters holding placards
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The debate rages on, on whether South Africa is a xenophobic country.

This follows a wave of attacks on foreign nationals that swept through Gauteng recently, leaving fatalities and a trail of destruction in its wake.

At least 12 people died and almost 700 others have been arrested. 10 of the deceased are South Africans.

While government has denounced these attacks as criminal in nature, some believe they are driven by hate against migrants.

Other quarters however believe there’s more to these incidents than what meets the eye. They believe it’s a cry of frustration from South Africans who feel let down by government due to lax border controls, high unemployment and crime rates.

President Cyril Ramaphosa sends Envoys to concerned countries on the continent on government’s plan to deal with this quagmire.

Democracy Gauge’s Lindiwe Mabena looks back to first incidents of Xenophobic attacks recorded in South Africa.