Ironman athlete Bellet-Brissaud still missing, police extend search

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Port Elizabeth Police have extended their search for Gabonese Ironman athlete, David Rene Roger Bellet-Brissaud to the harbour and surrounding areas after new CCTV footage came to light.

Previously, he was last seen walking out of his hotel. The search in the Port Elizabeth harbour started on Tuesday after CCTV footage of the Gabonese athlete entering the harbour and climbing onto a fishing boat in the early hours of Friday morning came to light.

He is then seen jumping from one boat to another. This is the last sighting of him. SAPS divers have been called in to search the shores of Port Elizabeth and men on foot are scouring the land and bushes for clues.

Bellet-Brissaud went missing last Friday before participating in Saturday’s Ironman competition. He didn’t have a cellphone or his wallet with him.

Watch below for more on the police search for Bellet-Brissaud